The way we eat is killing us.

The way we live separates us.

There’s a way to eat more vividly.

Take care of one another.

And create a better world.
— Graham Kerr, TV's Galloping Gourmet

Graham Kerr spent the first half of his life becoming the world's first rock-'n-roll TV chef. And the last half galloping away from fame and fortune.

Find out what happened to The Galloping Gourmet in the greatest adventure of all.


Get inspired by our feature-length documentary

Culinary adventure. Travelogue. Love story. Spiritual odyssey. 

The Graham Kerr documentary explores a man's grand adventure with living one’s values.

Kerr’s extraordinary experiences and wisdom bring a message Americans need and crave: how to live a meaningful life.


“Graham Kerr makes me happy in the same way Tom Jones makes me shiver.”

Rachel Ray  |  Celebrity Chef
(Photo by Bert Grantges)


Graham Kerr's adventure

Before chefs as rock stars, the 1960’s Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr, invented the genre. His sizzling TV persona enthralled 200 million worldwide fans.

How famous? The Tonight Show tapped “the high priest of hedonism” to sub for Johnny Carson. How rich? Enough to impulse buy a colonial waterfront mansion. Beneath the fun loving celebrity, Graham Kerr had the goods, proficient at re-emerging post-war French cuisine by 15, serving Winston Churchill, and winning gold at The 1968 Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt.

Then he bailed out of the ride. The upheaval that caused him to reject it all and pursue a life of serving others is an adventure we haven’t seen in our Kardashian century.  It’s a story of betrayed love and then redemption, fortunes rejected on principle and given away.  It’s about a family ripped apart and then saved with a round-the-world sailboat adventure. Conversions, collisions, salvation.

Kerr’s untold story is of the chaos and wonder that ensues when a man lives a life of uncompromising values. He gave away a fortune, put his wife and kids on a sailboat that sailed the world for two years, joined and fled a quasi-cult, invented ways to save families on a hurricane ravaged island, and reinventing himself as a pioneer in resilient eating and living.